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    We're still waiting on our FFL's pistol permits to get turned around by NY state to be able to stock and transfer handguns on premesis, as we're not currently legally allowed to physically touch them until the permit comes back approved. 

    But you all still want and need pistols, so we've discovered a little work around as we inch our way towards opening our handgun options up to the public completely: Dropshipping pistols is on the table, and in this collection we've gathered all the brands that will let us to dropship their guns from a distrib warehouse to the FFL out to your neck of the woods for your pickup. And yep, that includes Zastava AK pistols available at said warehouses, so things just got super spicy in the kalash department.

    If youre wondering why no Rugers etc right now, here is the list of brands that do not allow dropshipping so we wont carry handguns for until we've got our permit: Browning, Gemtech, GLOCK, IWI, Q, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Walther Arms & Winchester. 

    So please enjoy our soft pistol opening, and steer clear of the "Handguns" category in the menu as its filled with the above listed nonshippable brands but has to be visible to bring you this collection. If you end up browsing and want to order say a Glock from the handguns tab, we suggest you check out our comrades Thousand Pikes Arsenal for all the Sig, S&W, Glock, etc pieces you could dream of. They're putting a lovely soviet cerakote on Golem's Hellcat and are all around great folks.