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* Conquest of Lead Ammo Konsumers Assembly: Membership Certificate (2021 - 2025)

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Have you ever wanted to seize the means in the firearms industry? Well now you can!

Introducing the Conquest of Lead Ammo Konsumers Assembly!

We are partnering with Russia's Tula Cartridge Works (and other manufacturers) to import a minimum of 1.6 million rounds per month. To help secure our warehouse needs, we are releasing 1,000 Membership Certificates for the Conquest of Lead Ammo Konsumers Assembly (CLAKA) to raise capital for our imports distribution center. Buying your CLAKA Membership Certificate is an investment in our shared future and you will unlock anti-capitalist benefits including:

1) Wholesale pricing on ammunition imports and cutting out the chud middlemen

2) Reserve your preferred calibers monthly and always have the ammo you need, delivered direct from the warehouse to your house (or your preferred FFL)

3) Co-ownership of the means of production with a 1/1000th share of the CLAKA Cooperative Capital Account (which recieves an equal profit share same as all our workers each May Day)

4) Assembly voting rights and elected representatives to voice your Konsumer needs, motions and aid projects to the board

5) 5% off firearms and gear in the Red Right Hand webshop

6) Exclusive CLAKA merch and wholesale package deals

7) CLAKA First Dibs Deals on any surplus, collectible or sporting arms imports the Syndicate brings in

8) Participating in fulfilling Mutual Aid opportunities with your fellow Konsumer-owners using the combined power of your CLAKA Cooperative Capital Account 

9) Earn rewards for spreading the word and helping arm your friends and community with your personal Conquest of Lead Ambassador discount code- netting 5% of each order total as store credit

NEW: Giveaways

10) We'll be giving away a trusty Savage 64F 22 lr and a box of ammo when the Assembly hits 250 members to a randomly drawn member. 

11) We'll be giving away a badass rifle when the Assembly hits 500 members to a randomly drawn member- winner's choice of a SMITH & WESSON M&P15 or a PSAK-47 GF3 FORGED CLASSIC POLYMER in ODG, plus a case of ammo, a magpul sling, two extra mags and a Sig Sauer ROMEO5 Red Dot to break it in with.

12) We'll be giving away an even more badass rifle when the Assembly hits 1000 members. Winner's choice of the M+M Inc M10X International Defense AK47 -or- a 556 NATO Black Rain Ordnance Billet Rifle in Bazooka Green Battleworn Cerakote Finish, plus a case of ammo, a magpul sling, two extra mags and a Sig Sauer ROMEO5 Red Dot to break it in with.

 Membership Certificates left: 829

# until first firearms giveaway: 79

What's in the Founders Swag Pack?

If you want to show extra support for the cause when you get your Membership Certificate you can pick up a Founders Swag Pack upgrade, which will include a CLAKA Founders' Tshirt and morale patch, a Red Right Hand Rifle Syndicate canteen, bandana and stickers, plus a coupon for 10% off your next firearm. You can also pre-order cases of ammo and score free shipping when it comes time to recieve. Swag Packs will be mailed to you with your first ammo delivery. 

Artwork for the CLAKA logo courtesy of talented illustrator and tattooist Gabriel Borjoize

Why a Consumers Assembly? 

"In the long run, the practice of solidarity proves much more advantageous to the species than the development of individuals endowed with predatory inclinations." - Pyotr Kropotkin

This system utilizes classic syndicalist theory in praxis to deliver the best prices to our members while sharing ownership of the means of production (the imports warehouse) among our workers and consumers. Each Konsumer-owner is a worker in their own right, so our means of production will be entirely worker-owned and in line with our cooperative values. The Assembly is mutual aid and community investment in action, allowing members to benefit in plurality from their initial patronage, own what they invest in, and support causes important to them with the import profits. Projected individual base revenue share per member (at 1000 members) is $61.90 per year, meaning together the Ammo Konsumer Assembly would have an annual Cooperative Capital Account of a base $61,000 to fund mutual aid projects, build community ranges, distribute dividend payouts and more by your assembly's democratic vote! 

Vetting Options:

Membership in 501(c)(3) Nonprofits, Clubs, Etc:

Choose your organization from the dropdown list. Its that easy. We'll make sure you get a little badge in the assembly on your profile to rep your cause. 

Konsumer-Member Vouching

By member request, we've opened up vetting to include friends of members of these organizations who plan on joining but haven't yet. You may act as a character reference for trusted comrades who are yet unafiliated but still want to join. 

Personal Vetting:

Get in touch with us via facebook, instagram, email or reddit and we'll ask you a few questions and give you a thumbs up!

What other trade partnerships is the Syndicate pursuing if the Russian sanctions derail Tula imports?

We seek to import from Turaç in Turkey, Poongsan Corporation of South Korea, Magtech in Brazil, Sellier & Bellot in Prague, Prvi Partizan in Serbia, Fiocchi from Italy, Armas Y Cartuchos del Sur of Spain, Aguila Ammunition of Mexico, Herstal Group in Belgium, even CAVIM (Compañía Anónima Venezolana de Industrias Militares) in Venezuela if we can swing it and more. Tula is just one piece of the pie- and if we can't get them for a year we have many other options. Plus, we're after as many import brands as we can lock down to give you variety!

Turaç and Prvi Partisan are our #2 and #3 choices for partnerships and are being actively pursued. Should Tula have to wait til the sanctions pass (or until we overturn a denial in the courts), we'll refocus on those partnerships for 2021/22 as combined they cover just about every caliber you guys will need! 

FAQ (Frequently Articulated Queries):

1. "How long is my CLAKA Membership Certificate good for?" [UPDATED 9/13]

Membership Certificates for the founding Assembly will now remain valid from your 2021 purchase date until December 31st 2025. From Jan 1st 2025 on, membership certificates will be valid for one year with $100 annual renewal dues as normal. 

2. "How will the Syndicate get in touch with me about updates for this project?"

When you buy your Membership Certificate, you'll make a customer profile with a good email address to reach you at, then can stay tuned for official announcements. Once the project funds, expect your Membership Certificate and a letter with how to access your Assembly's Zulip forum (as well as your Konsumer-owner Discount Codes!) in the mail shortly!

3. "Where will the CLAKA communicate and vote when it forms?"

A secure forum (likely a Zulip) will be launched for the Assembly when crowdfunding completes, where members will have full democratic control. There youll be able to elect representatives, have your voice heard in Syndicate business decisions, talk shop, organize mutual aid efforts, share memes and make new friends.

4. "Tula is cool, but I'm after something else- what are plans to bring in other brands and calibers?"

After securing our Tula trade contract, the Syndicate will have the infrastructure and industry credentials for rapid expansion into other international trade partnerships, like with Turaç which distributes shotgun and rifle cartridges under the brand names Sterling, Kaiser, VSport and Rottweil Professional Line. Between Tula Cartridge Works and Turaç Distribution, the Syndicate will have import access to every popular caliber for American sports shooters and hunters. 

You will have democratic input on import relationships through your Ammo Konsumer Assembly forum.

Profits from import partnerships will eventually fund an expansion to in-house manufacture of firearms, ammo and armor, with CLAKA members getting special discounts on our worker-made products.

5. "What does the crowdfunding timeline look like with this project? If it funds, when do we expect to launch the warehouse and have imports coming in?"

Should we be able to secure funding for the warehouse by the end of September, we can be bringing in our first import shipment from Tula in November or December. That gives us a little over two months to find 1,000 comrade co-founders for the Conquest of Lead Ammo Konsumer Assembly who want to shake up the firearms industry as one of the Syndicate's Konsumer-owners! 

6. "What if there aren't 1000 CLAKA members by October 1st?"

If we are nowhere near our crowdfunding goal of $100,000, you will be refunded, guaranteed. If we are within reach of the goal (ie $75,000 for the warehouse downpayment) we will find a supplementary SBA loan or the Golem can sell a kidney to cover the security upgrades, and the project will continue as scheduled! If the project is funded ahead of schedule, awesome, we'll be able to get a jumpstart on fixing up the warehouse and possibly be ready to operate early!

By a stoke of luck, we've found a few suitable spaces to rent to begin our imports without needing the full goal to lock it down. Right now, we can sign a paper and pick up keys for 20000 square feet of warehouse to get started tomorrow. 

Sign ups will remain open if the Assembly has space after the 1st (it will close at 1000 members).

7. "Can more than 1000 members join the Assembly?"

No reason more members couldn't join! At first, we are releasing 1,000 Membership Certificates, but membership capacity will be left to the discretion of the Konsumer Assembly itself. At 3,000 members, the full warehouse purchase and first month of imports would be funded without the need for other loans and our project would be funded entirely by the People! The Workers Assembly hopes you'll raise your cap to at least 3-5k members. 

Should we sell out of our first 1000 CLAKA Membership Certificates, more certificates can be released if demand is great enough and the standing Konsumer Assembly approves of the motion by majority vote. (We hope they do). At any number of Konsumer members over 1000 the fractional ownership share of 1/X, where X is the total number of CLAKA members, will fluctuate accordingly. Your combined CLAKA Cooperative Capital Account dividend will remain the same, so as more members join, you will get smaller payouts individually but wield the same mutual aid power as a group. But who's really here for $60 back? You're here because you wanna do some impactful mutual aid! 

8. "What are the risks here for me, the prospective Konsumer-owner?"

None really- if we don't fund the project, we will give you back your $100 with a 10% off coupon for our online shop so you can still come out ahead. 

We've current crowdfunded enough to rent two months of a warehouse if we can't buy one outright to get us on our feet and start distributing ammo. We'd just upgrade to an Assembly owned warehouse later as we can afford it, because this is happening whether we have to start small or land the warehouse of our dreams at setup.

9. "Who will run the imports warehouse?"

We currently are four workers strong- Golem (UNYSRA), Flowers, Knives & Narcissa (UNYSRA)- and will likely need a team of ten to fifteen full timers to operate the imports distribution warehouse. Your support as a Konsumer-owner will allow us to bring on six or more fine comrades looking to break free from the Capitalist yoke, giving all of us a comfortable living of equally distributed profit, projected at $61,935.48 a year to start (the same amount your CLAKA Cooperative Capital Account will receive for your Assembly to distribute or spend on mutual aid projects). 

10. "What happens to the ammo allocations the Konsumers Assembly doesnt pick up each month?"

Once CLAKA members grab their reserved units from each month's shipment, the remainder of the imports inventory will first be offered to friendly FFLs across the country (to be organized as the Industry Affiliate Workers Assembly) so they can take care of their local comrades' needs. After the Affiliate members grab what they need, the rest of the inventory will then be offered publicly for B2B wholesale or broken down from cases and offered as direct retail in the Red Right Hand Rifle Syndicate webshop, parcelled into smaller units for comrades who don't need a full case but still need affordable ammo. 

11. "Is the Syndicate looking for venture capitalist investment for this project?"

Big no, buddy. This project is by and for the People, and will remain cooperatively managed. We are not interested in turning ownership of the means of production back to the Capitalists. We've already turned down a $100,000 offer for 50% control. The Syndicate will never be publicly traded or have a majority owner or boss- only be worker-owned and true to our principles!

12. "We're a lefty FFL or a Nonprofit organization. How do we join the Industry Affiliate Workers Assembly?"

Each member of your shop or org who would like to join can grab a Membership Certificate on this page, and then reach out to us with a copy of your FFL + resale certificate or your nonprofit status for your tax exempt status.

13. "Are there minimum purchases requirements in a year?" 

We hope you grab ammo at least 3-4 months out of a year to get your training in, but if you don't shoot that much and are joining for more than the ammo, dont worry- there will not be hard rules on purchase requirements unless imposed by the Konsumer Assembly itself. 

14. "Hows the Giveaway work?"

We'll generate a random email address from the members list to pick a the winner at 500 members and 1000 members. Like with all online gun giveaways, the winner will recieve a giftcard they can use to purchase their prize package from our webshop and then will fill out the required forms/do a background check with us or another FFL to be transfered their new gear. Winners may choose to instead get ammo or upgrades for their current firearms or another firearm entirely if the prizes don't appeal to them, so the giftcard keeps things flexible for everyone. 

Determined at checkout.