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Rock Island

Rock Island OCTOBER SPECIAL: VRPA40 Hunting & Home Defense 12ga Package

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Our October Hunting & Home Defense special includes:

(x1) VRPA40 magazine-fed pump action 12 ga shogtun
(x2) 5-round VR magazines 
(x1) 9-round VR magazine 
(x2) boxes of x5 rounds Federal LE Premium 2 3/4" Truball Rifled Slugs
(x1) box of x25 rounds Bioammo 2 3/4" shot
(x1) box of 2 extra chokes and key

over $460 MSRP

The VRPA40 is a pump action with the benefit of being easily reloaded via detachable magazines. The 5 round mags are the max size you can legally bring along with you hunting, and the 9 round mag is perfect for home defense. The package will let you burn through some buck to break it in and get comfortable, get your first hunting trip in and still have an extra mag loaded with truball slugs to protect the house with. 

As the VRPA40 is a pump action, its free from SAFE act "military feature" bans. It already has the ability to accept detachable magazines, and if you ever want to modify it you could add a pistol grip, folding/telescoping stock, forward grip, bayonet or door breacher muzzle break along with your basic sighting accessories like a flashlight and laser. 

This package is priced for in-store pickup. Ammo and firearms must be shipped separately if you'd like yours delivered to your preferred FFL, shipping is $30 (our shipments out are generally 15.00 so we're just trying to cover our butts on both of them). We can't ship the October package to the pacific northwest unless you get an invoice from us adjusted for the ship costs, as our average shipping there is over $60 a package right now and its bleeding us. We apologize to the Oregon and Washington crews.

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